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Welcome to the Colorful Chameleons Creativity Store where you can find supplies for fun projects, beautiful decor for your home, gifts for parents and friends, silly toys and trends, and so much more!

This momma and her partners got sick of red-rimmed, teary eyeballs, whiny voices, tattling and dealing with the constant bickering over never having enough of a certain color marker, or they wouldn't share a toy we only bought 2 of for the group--and someone stole my favorite sticker that I was going to use. Whaaaah!!! 

Every. Single. Time. We. Would. Do. Crafts. 

So when my two kids and my partners’ three kids wanted to create and craft together, I wanted to pull out my fuschia-colored hair and throw away allllll the supplies, rather than listen to the fights about sharing one more time. We needed a way to find creativity supplies for a more affordable price, and wanted to find items that bring more joy into other’s daily lives as they live out loud and express their own creativity, pride, and personality. 

Honestly, who’s child hasn’t asked for the latest, greatest new trending fidget toy on youtube kids??? Ever wondered where you can buy those viral tiktok items? What about holiday gift idea lists that are actually worth checking out? Well, that's why we are here--to make your life easier too. 

That’s why we created our framily-owned (no, it’s not a typo) store: 

We are a blended, polyamorous, “unicorn” Quad family (meaning each of the 4 adults in our relationship structure has an individual relationship with each of the other 3, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this type of family integration and relationship model). If you don’t agree with who we are or how we live, no need to comment or speculate. There are plenty of other families and corporations willing to sell you the same items. If that’s the case, we encourage you to find another store that aligns with your values better if necessary, but we hope you’ll stay and look around, and see for yourself what we are--simply a group of fellow humans who love each other and can’t imagine life without the others. IYKYK 

If you don’t know what polyamory is, we encourage you to learn more about non-traditional, ethically-non-monogamous marriages and relationship structures, and how they are transforming the idea of community, marriage, and “traditional” family into a village of loving kindness that encompasses everyone’s needs. We’ve never been so happy, our children can’t imagine life without their bonus parents, and we just celebrated 2 years of partnership together in May 2023. We are an LGBTQIA+ owned small business. 

This business is one of the paths to funding our dream lives together, as well as working toward visibility for non-traditional families, and furthering the cause of equality for all family structures built on love to exist, survive, and thrive. From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful for you, your support, and your patronage. All humans are welcome in this world we’re trying to help design--one based on happiness, kindness, respect, love, and joy. 

Sometimes that means getting creative!!! 

If you cannot find something you are hoping to purchase for your own creative needs on our site, please reach out and send us a message about what you were looking for and we will happily research if that can be located through one of our suppliers for a reasonable price to add to our store offerings. We will do our best to find what you want and give you the power to create the life projects you dream of accomplishing every day!

We look forward to serving YOUR family’s needs today and in the future.

Love and light,

Angela, Moe, Aralyn, and Eloria--your Colorful Chameleons Crew 

(along with Sam, Lauren, Aidan, Ivy, and Noor)

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